You may remember we posted a trailer for our Black Cab Sessions USA series which will air in the UK in Feb 2012.  This featured the black cab being taken to 6 different cities and documenting the local scene in each, using tastemakers and musicians as the backbone of the episodes. 

One of the cities we enjoyed the most was Philadelphia. A city that lives in the shadow of New York, yet has its own identity and a community that lives and breathes creativity and passion.  

We were lucky enough to film sessions with some of Philly’s finest acts including Naeem Juwan AKA Spank Rock. We ran into him outside a nightclub in West Philly where he was hanging out with Plastic Little, another act we managed to convince into the back seat. 

We met Naeem the next day and he performed ‘Race Riot On The Dancefloor’, taken from his brilliant album ‘Everything is boring and Everyone is a fucking liar’. 

So its with some excitement that we will be meeting up with Naeem again in London on 5th December to DJ some records at The Scala. 

Tickets available here -

You can see Naeem in the trailer for Black Cab Sessions USA, above.  Follow us at @blackcabsession and for news of air dates and networks.  

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